Andy Gator Beer
Andy Gator from Abita



Andy Gator from Abita

The other beer I tried was Andy Gator from Abita. This beer is considered a Helles Doppelbock, whatever the Helles that is! lol, This lager will bite ya if you aren’t careful as it is 8% ABV so enjoy in moderation! This beer is very popular during Mardi Gras (imagine that?! lol). When I tried this beer, I didn’t know how strong it was and it really didn’t taste strong. It has a slight fruit taste to it and is really pretty good. Just don’t try drinking too many or you will be in the swamp with the gators. I found this beer to be another tasty surprise from the Abita Brewing Company and will¬†give it 3 full Steins!

-The Beer Slob

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