Coors Beer
Coors Banquet Beer

Coors Banquet Beer 

You know, the Slob gives me lot of flack for my occasional affection for a beer that he thinks is a bit out of character for me (the Snob) to enjoy. This beer likely falls into that category. As many of you know, my usual taste runs in the direction of stouts and and darker, full bodied lagers. But on occasion, I like to pick up a nice , smooth, cold, lighter lager like Coors regular Banquet Beer. As a matter of fact, that essentially gives you the overall character of this particular beer. It has a pleasant feel on the tongue, a light color, nice aroma, no aftertaste. and is one of my guilty pleasure beers. I don’t buy it often, but I’m never disappointed when I do.  If you haven’t had one lately, time to try one on for size. I give it three out of five steins. Enjoy!!

-The Snob


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