Purple Haze Beer
Purple Haze



Purple Haze

While recently traveling in Louisiana, I came across a beer called Purple Haze from the Abita Brewing Company.Being the Slob that I am, I just have to give it a try. Now, I like Berry Weiss from Leinenkugel Brewing to some extent but I do find that I need to mix it down with a regular beer as it is just too sweet. I expected Purple Haze to be much the same. It is a wheat beer with raspberry puree added to it (giving it it’s purple haziness). I opened one up and to my surprise, it wasn’t very sweet at all. It was nice and crisp with a subtle tart raspberry finish to it. Now, I wouldn’t drink a bunch of them at one time but it was refreshing and tasty. It would be a good beer with dessert or even as a desert. It’s only 4.2% ABV so you won’t get too ‘hazey’ by having a couple. I would recommend trying this one if you get a chance and I give it 3.5 Steins!


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