Vermonster Beer
Vermonster Beer



Vermonster Beer

Vermonster Beer from Rock Art Brewery in Morrisville, VT
While in Vermont I (the Beer Slob) thought I would try some of the local beers, and there are plenty in Vermont! Lots of microbrews and craft beers here. Well, a local beer person told me that I had to try ‘Vermonster’ from Rock Art Brewery. They said it was very tasty and packed a little punch. Now, personally, I don’t care too much about the alcohol content as I do the taste. Anyway, I got me a bottle of Vermonster and it is a big one (The Snob would like that part!). It says on the label to pour it into something like a wine glass or snifter so I did that… WOW, strong alcohol and hoppy taste. The alcohol by volume (ABV) is 10% and it has 100 IBU (international bitter units). This beer is not for me as it is just way to bitter and malty/hoppy for my taste. While those who like Sam Adams and alike will probably like this beer, the Slob doesn’t care for it and didn’t even finish the large bottle I bought for $6. Rock Art Brewery appears to have a good variety of beers to choose from and I would try some of those but I can’t recommend Vermonster. Rating:1 stingy stein.

-The Slob

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