Well, we recently had the opportunity to get a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at the new Buffalo Wild Wings in Hutchinson MN. We sample some beer and wing combinations and learned a lot about Buffalo Wild Wings past and present! Joe Jr was kind enough to give us the lowdown on B-Dubs and even let us ‘spin’ some wings! We found out that they have 20 beers on tap and a great variety of bottled beer along with a great selection of wings and sauces. So, when it comes to ‘Wings, Beer and Sports’, BWW is the place to be. Check out the video and be sure to stick around until the very end as we always have an out-take to embarrass ourselves with! Enjoy the show!


4 thoughts on “VIDEO – The Beer Guys Check Out Buffalo Wild Wings

  1. That was pretty good, you guys should have a show on cable with thiis!

  2. Thanks Neil… we actually do locally here in MN

  3. our website is up & running, but still making changes, but you can get an idea. our story is to be uquie in hutchinson. we will have 2 smokers in our restaurant using 100% wood for heat & smoke. our smoker for brisket, ribs, etc. and our charbroiler for burgers, steaks, chicken, fish, & seafood.

    something more of interest to you guys is that we are going to serve only beer brewed right here in minnesota.
    we will offer a coors light, miller lite, & mich golden light for those who don’t want to enjoy the great taste of craft beers. but our goal will be to switch them over in time. we are working with a mn brewer from “mantorville brewing company”, tod feyton who is going to make 3 beers for us like “skuttlebutt smoky porter”,
    “sparky golden ale”. we will have 2 other tap lines available for 2 other craft beers from brewers like flatearth brewing company, lift bridge brewing, etc. we plan to feature a different mn craft brewer each quarter. we plan to bring in their line and besides our tap beer, only have their in bottles. as time goes by, we plan to bring back favorites. we will have beer tasting events prior to each quarter and even beer dinners.

    if i forgot to say, we are opening up in hutchinson, mn. our target date is mid april.

    love to have you guys come out.


    craig hagen

  4. Hi Craig,

    Sounds like a great idea, we look forward to seeing your new cool place and being a part of the fun! Keep us posted on the progress and let us know how we can help!


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