From the far north region of the southern shores of Lake Superior comes this lager ready for fall. Deer Camp is an Amber Lager that gives you a fall flavor without high ABV. A division of Bell’s Brewery, Upper Hand says this beer is “Mild earthy and herbal notes shine through without being overly bitter. A clean mouthfeel and pleasant finish round out this richly copper colored lager.”

We’ll see about that in this BeerGuysTV BrewCast.

2 thoughts on “BeerGuysTV BrewCast – Upper Hand Brewing Deer Camp

  1. Hey! Quit messin’ with my head. I fell in love with Copper Lager. She changed her name to Deer Camp. I got 2 12 packs the day she hit town. Now I found out she left town. What a tease. Some weird marketing there. Don

  2. Deer Camp or Copper Lager . Don’t care what you call it. Just make it and sell it. I just don’t understand this herkey-jerky marketing. Don

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