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BeerGuysTV "BrewCasts" and articles bring a fun and unique perspective to craft and mainstream beer for beer lovers, brewers, and regular folks.

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In our podcasts, er, BrewCasts, we review different beers and give you our flavor experience on them. Sometimes we love them, sometimes we don't, but we don't push the tap handle until we are done filling your glass. You may or may not agree, so we encourage you to try for yourself. Here are the most recent posts we've uploaded. Enjoy!

BeerGuysTV BrewCast-Dark Horse Brewing Obtuse Spruce

Dark Horse Brewing out of Marshall, Michigan, with it's severed horse head logo, puts out a wide variety of beer styles. This time, we check out Obtuse Spruce, an American Pale Ale with a hint of pine and a modest ABV of 6%. How do the Beer Guys like this offering? Watch this BrewCast to find out.

BeerGuysTV BrewCast-Jack Pine Brewing Blood Orange Cream Ale

On a recent trip to Jack Pine Brewing, we snagged an interesting cream ale. This Blood Orange Cream Ale is a limited release of their base Dead Branch Cream Ale. It is 4.6% with a low 10 IBU. Listen or watch this episode to find out what the Beer Guys think about this brew.

BeerGuysTV BrewCast-Bobbing Bobber Brewery Double Treble IPA

When you're traveling through central Minnesota, and the fish aren't biting, stop into Bobbing Bobber Brewing and be lured to this double IPA called Double Treble. The description is lacking on their website, so you'll have to watch this episode to find out all about this brew.

BeerGuysTV BrewCast-Fulton Specter IPA

This beer is brewed in honor of a Fulton family member and the story can be found on the Fulton website here: http://www.fultonbeer.com/beer/specter But what do we think of this New England style IPA? You'll have to watch this episode to find out.

BeerGuysTV BrewCast-Lake Superior Ol Man Winter

In the depths of a snow drift you might find Ol' Man Winter lounging around with a heavy malted barley wine. Lake Superior Brewing captures that high ABV wintery warmer with this brew. Ol' Man Winter has a relatively high (11%) ABV, but also a smokey essence like the cabin in the woods after a long snowshoe trek. The Beer Guys give this a try and what do they think?...

BeerGuysTV BrewCast-Bell’s Cherry Stout

In the heart of the cold winter month's, a stout make a great tummy warmer. The heavy maltiness is like a comfort food for the soul. This Bell's Beer is brewed with Montmorency cherries grown in Michigan's Traverse City region and gives this stout a distinct cherry flavor. This is a tart cherry and not sweet, so if you're into the sour beers, this might be more to your liking....