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BeerGuysTV "BrewCasts" and articles bring a fun and unique perspective to craft and mainstream beer for beer lovers, brewers, and regular folks.

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In our podcasts, er, BrewCasts, we review different beers and give you our flavor experience on them. Sometimes we love them, sometimes we don't, but we don't push the tap handle until we are done filling your glass. You may or may not agree, so we encourage you to try for yourself. Here are the most recent posts we've uploaded. Enjoy!

BeerGuysTV BrewCast – Lupulin Brewing IPA Invitational

In June, the Beer Guys attended the Lupulin Brewing IPA Invitational held at ERX Motor Park in Elk River, Minnesota. There, 27 breweries showcased 101 IPA recipes, including a few non-IPA offerings. In this BrewCast, we give you a sampling of this prestigious event and hope you'll join us next year. In the meantime, enjoy this BeerGuysTV BrewCast!

Beer Guys TV BrewCast – Indeed Mexican Honey Imperial Lager

This episode focuses on a honey of a beer from Indeed Brewing Company, Mexican Honey Imperial Lager. The BeerGuys and Gals give a taste and their review on this citrus and floral beer. Indeed Mexican Honey Imperial Lager is a Vienna style Pilsner and has an ABV of 8% and an IBU of 17. Sit back and enjoy a brew with this BrewCast!

BeerGuysTV BrewCast – Crow Peak Pile O Dirt Porter

Greg, Carol, and Shane check out this Porter from Crow Peak Brewing out of Spearfish, South Dakota. This Porter comes in at 6% ABV and 25 IBU. Not a lot more information on the Crow Peak Brewing website, but you can check them out here, https://www.crowpeakbrewing.com. Watch this episode to see what we thought of this Porter.

BeerGuysTV BrewCast – Events and Beer Stuff

In this Super-Episode, Greg and Shane talk about beer events including some recent event the BeerGuys were called to. Plus, they give a couple of beer reviews along the way, including Fuller's London Porter and Schell's Stag Series Rye India Pale Ale.

BeerGuysTV BrewCast-Starry Eyed Big Nugget IPA

Starry Eyed Brewing is a relatively new brewery opening in the spring of 2017 in Little Falls, Minnesota. We stopped in and were pleasantly surprised at the atmosphere and quality of beer. Big Nugget Stray IPA intrigued us with its 115 IBU rating (although it's listed as 100 on the web site). The Beer Guys check it out on this BrewCast.

BeerGuysTV BrewCast-Dark Horse Brewing Obtuse Spruce

Dark Horse Brewing out of Marshall, Michigan, with it's severed horse head logo, puts out a wide variety of beer styles. This time, we check out Obtuse Spruce, an American Pale Ale with a hint of pine and a modest ABV of 6%. How do the Beer Guys like this offering? Watch this BrewCast to find out.