Hello everyone and we hope you are having a tasty day! We just wanted to let you know that we will be filming our first ‘on-location’ episode of Beer Guys TV in our new format. We will be filming at Thirsty’s Tavern in Dassel MN on tuesday the 30th. We will be there right around 6:30 pm so if you are in the neighborhood, stop by and say hello! This will be a fun episode that will introduce some new characters. As per your suggestions, we will be trying a requested beer and giving it our rating of 1 – 5 steins. Remember, you can make your own request by clicking on ‘Contact Us’ on the tab above or send us a message on Facebook (be sure to click on the FB icon and become a fan if you haven’t already).

T-bone and the Beer Slob
T-Bone and the Beer Slob

One of our faithful fans will be letting us know what he encounters in his travels. T-Bone from North Carolina has been following us from day 1 of the Beer Guys. T-Bone travels for a living has been trying beers and posting his findings in the comments section on the lower right side. Click on T-Bone’s name to read his full reviews and comments. Feel free to let T-Bone know what you think of his reviews etc. In fact, we will call it T-Bone’s Travels for now. Maybe we will even make a special page for him at some point… we’ll see!

So, keep checking back for updates and more info here and give us your ideas and suggestions. We appreciate your participation and also be sure to watch for a new episode of Beer Guys TV later this week.

Until then… Beers to ya!

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  1. BUDWIESER !!!!!! Kasey Kahne,Num. 9 ,Ford fusion………

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