Lots of beer drinkers

The ABR Crowd

Wow, what a weekend (extended weekend I guess) with the MN craft brewers guild Autumn Brew Review on Saturday in NE Minneapolis and then a beer dinner at Zella’s in Hutchinson MN.

As you can see, there was a large enthusiastic crowd of beer drinkers at the Autumn Brew Review with those who wanted to sample some new as well as old brews. Our understanding is that the event was sold out with an estimated attendance of over 3000. There was live music and several food vendors to go along with the over 60 breweries represented.  We had the luxury of going to this event on saturday and then to the beer dinner on monday.

At the Autumn Brew Review

The Crew with Dustin Brau

We had an outstanding time at both. The Beer Guys had not attended the ABR before so it was a new experience for us and the crew. It was a great time and we met soem great fans and people from the breweries, including our good friends from Brau Bros. Dustin and the family were there and were very hospitable as usual. The Brau Brothers also had some very tasty beers on hand. I especially liked the Rubus Black, which was an Imperial Porter with a little bit of blackberry in it… very tasty.

We also got to interview many other brewers and fans and learned a lot about what people like and what they were looking for that day. Seems like IPA’s were quite popular, while some were just looking for something new and unique. We found them all to be interesting, even though we didn’t get to taste very many due to our busy schedule. The Slob dropped his glass (watch for that in the video coming later) which drew a big customary ‘Boooooo’ from the crowd.

The event was well organized and everything ran very smoothly… even Mother Nature made it a nice day. If you haven’t attended a

Jay and Teri at the Beer Festival

Prof Pilsner and the Crew

beer festival, we recommend it… it’s a great opportunity to try many new styles of beer and socialize with those in the know. We even ran into Professor Pilsner who was trying to be incognito. He said he was there strictly doing research for Beer Guys TV! Again, we had a great time and met some great people and we will be editing the footage so you can enjoy it as well. Watch for it here as well as on our Mediacom channel if you have that cable service.

On Monday night, Sierra Nevada Brewing hosted a Beer Dinner at Zella’s in Hutchinson MN. Food parings are quite popular right now so we decided to grab the crew and head down there and see what we could find out from Brian along with Neil Wagoner of Locher Bros Distributing. Well, we found it to be quite interesting and I think the guests did as well. It’s kind of amazing how certain foods along with the right beer really compliment each other. The food samples were fantastic as was the beer. Lots of reaction from the crowd and again, we will be editing that footage just in time for Thanksgiving so perhaps you can get some ideas for the holidays.

Thanks to everyone that we met and chatted with at both events and we hope to see more of you. Be sure to watch the videos as they come out

Tiffany pouring up a Pale Ale

Tiffany from Zella’s pouring a Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

and be sure to tell your friends about the show and the website, we really appreciate it! Until next time… beers to ya!

Greg and Rich, The Beer Guys