Early October 2010, we had a chance to attend the Autumn Brew Review craft beer festival at the historic Grain Belt Brewery in Northeast Minneapolis. Our latest cable show covers the event. However, there was so much material that we couldn’t squeeze it all into the show, so we have downloaded the clips onto our YouTube channel. Rather than fill up the blog with all of these clips, we have posted them below. Check ’em out. We had a great time and will definitely attend again next year.

Here is our interview with B-Rad from Capitol Brewing

Here we chat with Dave Hoops from Fitgers in Duluth MN

We talk with Dave from Founders Brewing

A visit with Aran from Furthermore Brewing

There was even tasty Root Beer, Killebrew is the brand

This one is with Todd from Odell’s Brewing

We chat with Brian from Sierra Nevada in this one

We talk to the big man from Bell’s Brewery, Larry Bell himself. We apologize for the audio on this one as one of our mics had a bad battery

And here, we talk with one of the fans (gotta love the red mohawk!)

There ya go, check ’em out and of course try to catch the show if it airs in your area. Hopefully next year we will be talking with you at the Autumn Brew Review! Beers to ya!

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