Hi and greetings once again from the Beer Guys! Just wanted to bring you up to date with what we have been up to.

The Snob and the Slob along with the Brew Crew recently made a tour to film some new episodes of Beer Guys TV. We visited Locher Bros. distributing in Green Isle MN. Thanks to Bob and Jonesy and the rest of the folks there. That was a very interesting stop as most people don’t grasp what it takes to get the beer from the brewery to the bar or liquor store. It is quite an art and a large scale job. That episode should be very interesting. We also got a chance to meet with Dustin and Dale Brau of Brau Brothers Brewing Company in Lucan MN. Another very interesting stop on the tour. That will be our next episode and I think you will find it both entertaining and informative. By the way, Brau Fest goes on this weekend in Lucan and the guys from Brau Brewing will be having all kinds of fun things going on. Go to the website for more details here: www.braubeer.com. We also have visited Westside Liquor in Willmar MN where we filmed a fun episode and Squeaky’s Grill and Bar in Hutchinson MN too.

We are also looking ahead to some new studio ideas and the Beer Guys just got back from the Indy 500! Check out some of the pictures in the Photo Gallery.

So, we have been busy and we still have our facebook promotion going on. We are trying to get to 1000 fans and as soon as that happens, The Beer Snob will have to choke down a couple of beers back-to-back that you (our great fans) choose. We will film that event and post it here. So, click on the Facebook link to the right and click the ‘Like’ icon on the page. Be sure to ‘Suggest to Friends’ by sending the link to everyone on your contact list. We also have some more fun ideas and promotions in the works so keep checking back.

Tell your friends and neighbors about the site and feel free to buy billboards and TV advertising if you want! lol Spread the word about BGTV, we appreciate it.

Thanks for stopping by and until next time… beers to ya!!!    Greg and Rich, the Beer Guys

One thought on “Beer Guys Have Been Busy!

  1. New Episode… LOVED IT! They always save the best for last He Heee ~~~ lol! Great, slob driving go kart??? Too Funny ~ My sister and I went to Lucan Saturday for Brau Fest, Had a GREAT time, very interesting, visited with lots of people, wow small world out there! I did get to try a couple of beers, didn’t know beer could taste so different…. Dale said nice way to say you don’t like it! lol Tried their Strawberry Wheat, Cream Stout, Rueben, Old 56 (Named after the Truck~Light Beer) and can’t forget Dales Favorite, Sheephead.. even got my picture with him. Even brought back 2 – 12 pks of sample beers, so the others can try them 6 different kinds, couple new ones for me that I missed. Dale even let me sit in the go kart for a picture! Found the place very interesting. Got to see it in person after watching BGTV. Was very exciting and meeting the people. Guess WHAT???? YOU guys get to go back, Dale said they had so much FUN with you guys and would love to have you come back for the hop picking. Thanks for the invite ..Great time THANKS for the show and you guys are doing awsome!!

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