We had the chance to stop by Westside Liquor in Willmar recently and film this episode of Beer Guys TV. We had a great time and WOW, what a great variety of beer! We couldn’t decide what to try so we checked them all out! Thanks to Steve and the whole staff at Westside, they were great. Nice job by our producers in giving this one a special look. We think you will like it. Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know what you think. Enjoy the show and until next time… beers to ya!

5 thoughts on “VIDEO – Beer Guys Make a Stop at Westside Liquor

  1. Beers to ya!! Thought the silent picture was a blast-always something new with you two- keep it up!

  2. This was the best one. I loved it and wow what a store. They have one of the nicest stores I have ever seen. What a variety. The beer guys are awesome! You did a great job on this silent movie.

  3. This was just like watching an old Charlie Chaplin flix. You really needed the little Hitler mustache and the bowler hats to make it perfect. Really a clever idea, great as always. I am so proud of you guys and what a nice gesture getting some orange pop for the professor

  4. Hey, that was a fun beer guys show! Keep up the variety. Like the way you guys keep changing it up. Looking forward to seeing what is next. Have a good one and beers to ya! BH

  5. Thanks Barbara… we really appreciate the feedback. Glad you liked our ‘change of pace’ with that episode. And yes, the folks at Westside Liquor were great to work with. Stay tuned for more fun and until then… beers to ya! Greg and Rich

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