This is a very special BGTV podcast. Not only is it a podcast, but it is a video-cast as well. The audio is the same in both versions, but we video recorded this special podcast because we have two special guests this week. The Beer Guys talk with two Rock and Roll Legends, one a famous rock and roll photographer, Gene Kirkland, and one a famous bass guitar player, James Lomenzo. Beer Guys TV was fortunate enough to get this exclusive session with Gene and James to talk about Gene’s new product, Rock n Roll by the Pint.

Rock n Roll by the Pint is a series of pint glasses christened with exclusive images of rock stars photos he’s taken over the years. His first set features Ronnie James Dio and Slash, each adorning their own pint glass. As Gene states in the podcast, when you drink from these glasses, you are enjoying a pint of Rock and Roll. We, of course, enjoy beer from these glasses, but you can fill them with whatever you like. James, a long-time friend of Gene’s, joins in the discussion and talks about his recent endeavors and tells some stories of his own.

Watch or listen to this week’s special podcast, Beer Banter with Rock n Roll by the Pint. Oh, and you can order these glasses right from their website,