Coffee. It isn’t just for breakfast anymore. Now, it’s for beer! Adding the delightful nectar to a brew isn’t all that new, but for Brau Brothers it is. They go out of their way for Cherrybean Coffee, roasted in the small South Dakota town, Parker. The name is misleading as there is no cherry in this brew. Cherrybean Coffee is a brand handcrafted in small batches, much like Brau’s beer. Is this coffee stout for everyone? Well, you have to like coffee, and one of the beer guys doesn’t. Listen to this podcast while you try a Brau Brother’s Cherrybean Coffee Stout.

2 thoughts on “Beer Guys TV Podcast – Brau Brothers Cherrybean Stout

  1. I’ve had this stuff!! IT’S AWESOME!

    I drink Cherrybean Coffee and enjoy dark beer…having the two together is kind of one of those Peanut butter/Chocolate moments where all seems right with the universe.

    The coffee flavor is rich and hearty and compliments so well with the beer, it’s refreshing. I wouldn’t consider this marriage to even be a novelty…maybe in a few years, CoffeeBeer will be common.

    Anyway, I wish it were available at more places – the HyVee grocery store here in town had two 6-packs left, I bought one, now I’m deprived…

  2. It is pretty awesome, provided you are a coffee person of course. Glad you like it, the guys as Brau Bros Brewing do a great job with their beers. Thanks for the feed back! G

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