Well, on our recent road trip we had the great pleasure of stopping in at the Brau Brothers Brewing Company in the giant metropolis of Lucan MN, population 220! The Brau family owns and operates a small brewing company there and produces some very unique and tasty beers. If you get the opportunity to visit, we would highly recommend it. And certainly be sure to try some of their tasty craft beers when you get the chance. Hey, any place that has a ‘beer’ kart’ that I can drive is OK with me! Thanks to the Brau family for the fantastic hospitality and to Dustin, Dale and the rest of the staff… beers to ya!

2 thoughts on “VIDEO – Beer Guys Visit Brau Bros Brewing

  1. Great to see the Brau family getting some love! They are great people making GREAT beer. The best thing is that anyone who comes to visit gets the same Midwest hospitality you guys enjoyed…what other brewery will let you tour their rows of hops with a pint glass of your choice in hand?!?!

  2. Couldn’t have said it better Mindy!

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