Katy and Elsie at the Beer Event
Katie and Elsie

Well I (the Beer Slob) attended the wine, beer and chocolate tasting fundraiser at the local Eagles club. This was a first time event and as far as I know, exceeded expectations. The Eagles auxiliary put this on it was obvious that a lot of work went into this event. The ladies did a great job of decorating and cooking up some tasty delights as well as organizing vendors and obtaining items for the silent auction etc.

While I apologize for forgetting some of the names who put in all of the effort, I do recall Elsie, Katie and Anna. The two ladies in the picture are Katy and Elsie. A big credit to the guys as well as they kept the plates stocked and the dirty dishes taken care of etc. So it was definitely a group effort of volunteers for a good cause.

Some very interesting chocolate treats to try. Chocolate-hazelnut ravioli, chocolate-raspberry scones, meatballs in a bbq-chocolate sauce and probably the oddest thing was the chocolate covered bacon. Not really my bag but many people liked it. There were a variety of vendors there with samples including a chocolatier, a couple of wine vendors as well some liquer and specialty drink ones as well.

Beer guy and Rick checking out Nordeast
Greg, Brian from Locher Bros and BGTV Superfan Rick

Of course being one of the Beer Guys, I had to see what brews were being offered and Brian from Locher Bros distributing was on hand with a few samples. He had a variety of Mike’s Hard Lemonade along with Miller Genuine Draft 64, Grain Belt Nordeast and Schells Bock. It appeared to me that the Nordeast was a favorite. Brian was knowledgable about the beers and educated many of the attendees. I did my best to inform and of course sample several so I knew what I was talking about! 😉 Many stayed afterwards as there was a DJ on hand for those who wanted to show off their dancing skills… it certainly wasn’t the Beer Slob!

All-in-all, it was a well attended, fun event and raised some great money. After talking with the girls afterwards, they are interested in doing several more events in the future and the Beer Guys will be more than happy to be on hand and help out a great local cause. Again, thanks to all who attended and stopped to introduce themselves and ask about the show etc. Was a lot of fun and we look forward to the next one! (more pics in the gallery).

Until then… Beers to ya!

6 thoughts on “Beer Slob Attends Beer, Wine and Chocolate Tasting

  1. Thanks Greg & Rich!!! But hey where is the Picture? Thank you so much for all of the good words! Can’t wait to start working on the Beer event!!

  2. Oops, now the picture is up.

  3. For some reason the pictures are being fussy. There are some pics in the photo gallery as well, be sure to check those out. Thanks for having us, had a lot of fun!

  4. Greg we ALWAYS enjoy your company! Thank you so much for the photo opps! The Darwin Liquor Store is grateful for everything that came of Saturday night. Hopefully we will see you soon!

  5. Greg its is ALWAYS a pleasure working with you!
    We greatly appreciate everything that cam of Saturday night
    As the Manager of the Darwin Liquor Store, and an officer of the Auxiliary,
    this event was a sucess and I can’t wait to plan the next one!
    Thank you!!

  6. Thank you Katie, you guys are alot of fun to work with!!

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