Yep, I recently went to Wisconsin to take in a little dirt track racing action and figured… when in WI, try something local. So, I stopped in a small town (I don’t recall the name of the town) and asked what they had of local brew. They offered up Leinie but I figured I can get that at home so I asked what else they had and they said Supper Club by Capitol. Well, that sounds tasty to me! So I ordered one up and gave it a slug (right out of the bottle). Hey not bad! Then I saw on the label ‘Not Bad’ LOL It’s a good solid American Lager, kind of reminds you of the old days when beer was beer, not some watered down crap. This had some body and some flavor. Bit of grain, lots of malt and light hop. A good old fashioned brew that wasn’t trying to pretend it was something else.

Supper club from capitol brewingCapitol Brewery in in Middleton WI and brews a great variety of beers. I haven’t tried many but I would certainly have this one one again. This beer is at 5% so you have to pace yourself. I only had one as I was driving and didn’t need to spend anymore time in WI than necessary! So, I slurped that one down and chatted with the locals and then it was off to the races!

Anyway, if you are in Wisconsin and thirsting for a good, tasty beer, check out the local watering hole in some small town and ask for a Supper Club by Capitol Brewing… tell ’em the Beer Guys sent ya!

Until next time … beers to ya!



Beer: Supper Club

Brewer: Capitol Brewing

BGTV Rating: Large Stein

Reviewer: Greg

2 thoughts on “Beer Guy Goes to Wisconsin

  1. Hi there, thanks for checking out my favorite beer! I live in Wisconsin and keep this one in my fridge all the time. I like some of their other ones too but this is my standby. Anyway, feel free to check more WI beers and go Packers! (sorry Vikings fans! lol)

  2. Hey, easy on us poor Vikings fans! It just makes us drink more beer! lol Glad you like the review and thanks for stopping by (even if you are a packers fan! lol).

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