Welcome Amigos, just in time for Cinco De Mayo, we go south of the border and check out Negra Modelo. A dark Mexican Beer that gets tres ratings on this particular episode. The Beer Snob is awol and turns up in Mexico. Senior Salas comes to help out and gives his authentic take on BGTV. Click on the episode below and we hope you enjoy it. Be sure to leave your comments and thanks a lot for stopping by. Happy Cinco De Mayo and until next time… Cervezas to ya!

Los Cerveza Hombres

4 thoughts on “VIDEO – Cinco De Mayo Episode

  1. Another Good one guys, Nice to see Dan in his authentic mexican regalia. Hi Dan, long time no see. Maybe you should not be hanging around with this crazy bunch. Love you guys as always.

  2. Hey Slob! Nice shirt. Glad you can support us at the local Old Chicago. Hope you have enjoyed some quality beers since our meet. From one of those guys with the silver steins at Old Chicago, St. Cloud

  3. Hi Kyle, good eye on the shirt! Yep, tried a couple the next day up there. It was good to meet you and thanks for watching BGTV! Hope to see you again! Slob

  4. No sé bien cómo llegué a tu blog. Excelente. Suerte!

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