With the advent of Craft Beer, most people see a bunch of guys sitting around drinking beer and talking about how this brewery makes this and that brewery makes that etc and sprinkling in some manly stories of when they were at the game or out hunting, they enjoyed a certain beer etc. But, wait a minute, the ladies are liking the craft beers too! And not only consuming some of these tasty offerings but even brewing their own beer as well. It’s a consumer category that is growing according to this article in the NY Daily News.

beer woman

The advent of the Beer Festivals and sampling events has given women a chance to get involved and taste some of these craft beers without having to order up a pint of something without any knowledge or understanding. They don’t want to be embarrassed by ordering up a brew that doesn’t fit their palate or meal and these tasting parties and festivals gives them an opportunity to not only taste many styles of beer but many have classes on homebrewing and some of the terminology that helps to understand one style of beer from another.

Many of the beer commercials from the big, national beer brands cater to the guys with the women either as scantily clad eye candy or just background. Many of the craft brewers are catching on and creating beers or ciders that appeal to the ladies (and some men as well).

The forecast is for women to make up a larger part of the craft beer consuming public and especially in the home brewing department. Read the article for more info.

So, for the ladies, we say, welcome and …beers to ya!