Hairy Eyball Ale
Hairy Eyeball Ale-Lagunitas Brewery




Hairy Eyeball Ale-Lagunitas Brewery


Lagunitas Brewery, Petaluma CA


Don’t kid yourself, folks, this one is for serious beer drinkers. One of our most enthusiastic fans, Dan Wolfe (and a misguided Packer fan as well), sent us this great example from the Lagunitas Brewery.  Now, if you want to try a brew with real taste and body-this is the one to try. The Slob and I made the plunge and were aptly rewarded. Now, to begin with, the ale has a great caramel color and taste, with a load of sweetness in the pallet. You can taste the hops, but it is well rounded in its overall character. Keep in mind the power of this beer-the ABV is 8.8%!!  Wow!  So, when you ask for this one (at your better pubs), be mindful of the consequences. Enjoy in moderation.


3.5 Steins For Hairy Eyeball

-The Snob and Slob

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