Hub City Brewing Product

Snow Bunny Ale

Beer: Snow Bunny Ale

Brewer: Hub City Brewing

Origin: Stanley IA

As I wander south across the southern border of MN into the great
state of Iowa, it occurs to me that generally, I think of corn as
their main “claim to fame”. Well, allow me to correct everyone’s
thinking on this: they do have beer, and it is quite good. My infamous
brother lives in Clear Lake not far from Stanley IA, the home of Hub City Brewing. While my brother and I don’t always agree on the beer we try, he had some Snow Bunny Ale that we both gave a vigorous round of applause. The folks from Hub City Brewing have come up with a tasty, creamy, ale with a caramel tone, and a slight vanilla touch. I’ve tried several of their offerings, (Oatmeal Stout, and Golden Ale among them), very tasty indeed. So, when the subject of beer comes up, remember that Iowa has a great little brewery, with a line of products that are sure to bring a smile to your face. I give Snow Bunny Ale a medium/large stein. Beers To Ya!

Rating: Medium/Large Stein


The Snob