Jomo Beer
Jomo Lager

Brewer: Starr Hill Brewery

Origin:Charlottesville, VA I was recently out in the east coast area doing some work and when the day came to an end, I decided that I needed to try a local adult beverage. So, I asked the gal at the front desk of the hotel where I could pick up a tasty local beer and she directed me accordingly. In Virginia, wine and beer are sold separately so the store I went to only had beer and wine but plenty of it! I got a chance to visit with the guy in charge of beer and after a lengthy discussion, he suggested I try a couple different ones including Jomo Lager by Starr Hill Brewing. So, I took his advice and I am pleased to say it was an excellent choice! Jomo Lager is a light amber lager but still has nice flavor including a little bit of hop, but not overdone and enough maltiness to make it tasty. I truly did enjoy this beer and was wishing I had purchased a couple more. Oh well, next time out that way, I will bring some back. Good beer and I think Slobs and Snobs alike would enjoy it.

Reviewed by: The Beer Slob

Rating: Large Stein