Lazy Mutt Farmhouse Ale

Lazy Mutt Ale

Minhas Craft Brewery

Monroe, WI

While I was recently in Wisconsin for the Country Jam music festival, I figured I must try a beer or two from the local area. While at the grocery store, I spied a couple of beers I hadn’t seen and decided on Lazy Mutt. While I only bought one for sampling, this beer comes in an 8-pack, which makes in unique right away. While they advertise it as ‘Man’s Best Friend’, I don’t know that I would go that far. I figured this beer would be a real ‘dog’ and it may be ‘ruff’ drinking but I was actually surprised how smooth it was. It is fairly carbonated and makes for some window rattling burps (which are always fun!), it has a bit of a citrisy edge to it… nothing like Blue Moon or any of those, just different. So, it was actually better than I expected it to be and I didn’t have any trouble getting to the end of the bottle. While I don’t think I would like this one for anything special, it might be a good ‘pedigree’ for watching the game or just to quench a thirst. Nothing really special but not bad, leaves a bit of an aftertaste that I’m not real crazy about.  I’m sure the Snob would say it was bland and tasteless, and I’m sure he would be talking about this beer and not me… right? I don’t know if I would buy an 8-pack but I would try one again.

Rating: 2 Steins –

Beer Slob