A recent article on MSNBC pointed out the fact that some of the standard American beers have dropped in sales dramatically in the last few years. The story states the fact that many people have turned to ‘light’ beers and lower calorie options as the main reason, along with the fact that craft beers and imports have increased in popularity. Well, this shouldn’t be a huge surprise I guess as the quality of many craft beers (and imports) are generally higher. The other side of the coin is that these beers are also generally much more expensive. The brewing process to make a good, quality craft beer is more tedious and takes more time and more costly ingredients so in most cases, the higher price is justified. Many of the skilled brewers and quality breweries tend to take their time and really finesse their product. Some of breweries in other countries have been doing it that way for decades. The surprise to me is in a tougher economy that some of the lower end beers are dropping in sales. eg Milwaukee’s Best Light, Michelob Light etc. The biggest surprise of all the beers mentioned is regular Michelob, the article states that sales have dropped 72%! Man, this was ‘thee’ beer back in the day! Ooh, your drinking a Michelob, you must be a high roller! LOL Not anymore. As we always say here on Beer Guys TV, try something different, be open minded and you may just like something outside of the same old, same old! Well, apparently America is thinking the same way when it comes to their regular beers. Check out the rest of the article by clicking right HERE. In the meantime, next time you are picking up some brewskis, grab something new or order up a pint of something differnt, you might be glad you did! Until next time …beers to ya!

2 thoughts on “Mainstream Beers Going Down the Drain?

  1. The article asserted that the reason for the decline in sales was people switching to lo-cal beers but more than 1/2 of the beers on the list are light beers. I would suggest several reasons for the decline. The decline in products like Budweiser is American men are switching to more local and regional craft brands that don’t show up in these sorts of surveys. The light beers on the list are taking a hit from alco-pops that are pouring into the market like Mike’s Hard Lemonade and the Bacardi drinks. Light beers were always consumed more by women than men and this is where the erosion is happening.

    The real shocker for me was the decline in budget brands. You’d think that budget brands would be growing in volume in a down economy but clearly they are hurting worse than anyone. Talking to my distributors though, Busch and PBR are still going strong and Rolling Rock is having a minor resurgence.

  2. I totally agree with your assertion and I too was surprised by the drop in budget brands. Locally many have moved to Busch Light and I think Coors Light is holding it’s own. But the interest level in many of the regional craft brew does seem to be on the rise. It’s an interesting beer world out there right now. I appreciate your comments and feedback! Greg

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