When it comes to beer, these guys know a little…

…very little!

Hi there,

We are the Beer Guys and this is BeerGuysTV. Actually, we started out as BeerGuysTV, but we now mainly do podcasts and random beer articles. We started doing video, and actually had a short-lived local access cable show, and that’s where the “TV” part comes in. We will continue to do a video every now and again, but mostly we cast pods. People know us as “The Beer Guys” or BeerGuysTV. The name stuck, we are guys, and we like beer, so we are keeping it, thank you very much.

BeerGuysTV was started by Greg Johnson, who one day while enjoying a beer with his friend, Rich Schumann, were talking about its nuances and decided to record themselves and upload the video online. The early videos featured Greg as the “Beer Slob” who primarily liked the mainstream beers, and Rich as the “Beer Snob” who liked to try some of the higher-end beers. They would banter back and forth and entertain you while talking about different beers.

The early videos needed some help, so Greg enlisted a couple of characters and a new era of BeerGuysTV was born. Shane Zeppelin and Jerry W. Cook came on board to give the show some flair and a more polished look. Several shows were recorded and uploaded, and some even aired on local access cable. Due to time constraints and personal matters, Rich left BeerGuysTV in 2011. Greg, Shane, and Jerry continued with the show, producing shorter review segments and covering events. During this time, we recruited home brewer and fellow Beer Guy, Brent Anderson, longtime friend of Jerry’s. We also enlisted the help of Shane’s brother, Chad, who used to stick his nose up at anything other than Busch Light.

In 2011, we started recording podcasts. Greg has a background in radio and naturally gravitates toward a microphone, and we thought we could reach a wider audience by offering a weekly podcast. We now mainly review craft beer while throwing in a home brew or mainstream beer review every now and then. That all being said, here is our cast of characters.

All of the beer guys give honest reviews based on their experiences and opinions. We always tell you to try it yourself and form your own opinions. Never drink and drive and always use a designated driver. We also welcome any input and suggestions, so contact us and tell us what you’d like us to review!