When the average citizen makes his/her way to the golden land of Disney fun (that would be Disney World my friends), he or she does not normally think about any particularly unique beer experience that awaits. Well, let me enlighten you on the subject. There is indeed a unique little spot, right on the Disney complex, that caters to the beer lover’s palate. The place I’m talking about is the Big River Grill located in the Boardwalk resort area. This brew pub-restaurant brews five different beers including the seasonal. (Keep in mind that you don’t have to stay in the resort to enjoy their restaurants.) As my lovely bride, Kimberley and I had decided to bring the family down to Orlando to have some fun in the sun, we spent a fair amount of time on the Disney properties. So, since our adult children were all around us, finding an opportunity to try some interesting beer was high on our list.(I’ve spent a lot of time educating them on the joys of really good beer.) Once we found out about the Big River Grill, we were on our way! Let’s get down to the beers. Since our group settled in for a meal and some fun , we decided to try the full sampler tray of beers available-here they are, Northern Flyer Light Lager, Gadzooks Pilsner, Steamboat Pale Ale, Rocket Red Ale, and Summer Wheat. Just to show you that peoples tastes vary widely, out of five beers tried, everybody had different favorites. That being said, I will stick to a description of each beer and a flat statement that they were all quite good-(with my favorite being the Rocket Red Ale). Here we go-what Beer Guys with disney picthey were like and some general information.

Southern Flyer Light Lager Light color, light bodied, Hersbrucker hops give a nice balance. Low cal as well. -(My son Adam loved this one)
3.6% ABV
IBU 12

Gadzooks Pilsner
Gold color, nice head and body. Saaz hops. Clean/crisp finish typical of good pilsners. -( My daughter Chase loved this one.)
5% ABV
IBU 32

Steamboat Pale Ale
American style ale. Cascade hops-gives a touch of pine/citrus character to the beer.
5.5% ABV
IBU 36

Rocket Red Ale Great Red color. Cascade hops used-with Crystal malts to give balance. Nice body/great taste and finish -( My favorite.)
5.6% ABV
IBU 46

Summer Wheat (The seasonal) A German style unfiltered wheat beer. Typical touch of clove-banana edge to the taste. Very drinkable-quite pleasant,
4.3% ABV

All in all, these were well worth making the trip to the Big River Grill for and the American style cuisine served was very good as well. Keep it in mind if are in the Orlando area or taking the fam to Disney World.

Until next time …Beers To Ya! RK Schumann

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