I was recently in North Carolina for work and had a couple days off so I wandered around and found a couple places that offered some local craft beers. I had seen Natty Greene’s Beers before but hadn’t gotten a chance to try one. My first taste of this brew was from a bottle. Beer from Natty GreeneThis is Natty Greene’s Southern Pale Ale. I got a pint glass and poured it down the pipe… got a nice white head that dissipated somewhat quickly but not entirely. I could pick up the citrus notes coming off of it and a bit of malt. The first sip brought that citrus flavor and plenty of malt… a bit of stickiness and a medium mouthfeel to it. A slight bitterness from the hop but not as I expected… A pleasant sweetness to it at the finish as well. I thought it had a pretty good balance and found this to be a rather tasty and refreshing beer. As I drank it, there was plenty of lacing on my glass. As you can see in the pic, the beer is a dark golden with a light amber hue to it and fairly clear.

A couple days later, I noticed they had it on tap at the hotel and they had just put in a fresh keg so I had to try that as well. Of course being fresh like that made it even better. I really enjoyed this beer, especially on tap. This beer comes in at 5.2% ABV and 35 IBUs so it would make a nice session beer and isn’t over the top hoppy. It’s considered an American Pale Ale and they use 4 malts in the process along with Magnum and Cascade Hops (dry hopped with Cascade as well). This isn’t a west coast style Pale Ale, it has its own style… Southern Style as Natty Greene’s calls it. If you get a chance, give this brew a try, I think you will like it. I give this beer a soft 4 steins.

You can check out more of their full beer selection at Natty Greene’s

Brewery: Natty Greene’s Brewing Company
Location: Greensboro, NC
Beer: Southern Style Pale Ale
Rating: 4 Steins
Rater: Greg