Old Milwaukee Beer
Old Milwaukee
Old Milwaukee Beer
Owned and Brewed by Pabst Brewing Co.
Well, the Snob and I were out for a social event recently and stopped at a small town bar to have something to eat and an adult beverage. When asked what we wanted to drink, we both inquired as to what the options were. We were told that they had the usuals on tap and anything else was in the cooler around the corner. We stepped over to have a looksee and the Snob immediately spotted some uppity brew and ordered that. I on the other hand had to do a double take as I saw some bottles of Old Milwaukee! I haven’t seen (or tasted) that in years, so I excitedly ordered one up. We sat back down and began to enjoy (or at least consume) our selections. While it wasn’t quite like I remember in my youth, it wasn’t all bad! Old Milwaukee Beer was owned by Schlitz way back when and was one of their economical brands. Today Old Milwaukee is owned and brewed by the Pabst Brewing Company and has actually won some awards in the last ten years. Old Milwaukee Light has won even more! Old Mil is fairly strong at 4.6% ABV and overall I didn’t think it was too bad. I poured a little in a glass for the Snob and well… you can imagine his response! All I can say is… It doesn’t get any better than this (remember the commerials?)! I would drink this again, especially if you are out mowing the lawn or playing horseshoes… it’s a good hot summer day brew. So, for a flashback at at a decent price, I give it a notstalgic 2.5 Steins.
Rating:2.5 Steins


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