4 thoughts on “VIDEO – On Location Video

  1. Atmosphere at Thirsty”s >>> Really impressive.

    The Beer Snob and Slob >>> Really Great tonight.

    Professor Pilsner with a Snickers and Orange drink >>> Priceless

    This is going to be my all time favorite, I really like it when you throw in more humor.

    Was that your beautiful beer wench at the bar?

    Love you all.

  2. Hey!! You’s all are doing a Awesome Job & Coming up with Lots of new ideas, Way Too Go ~~ Yes, Impressive! What an improvement Over all ~~ Keep up the GREAT work ~ If thats what you call it….lol! Who’s idea on that Snickers and Orange Pop..Thats NOT HEALTHY ~~~~ lol! Couldn’t be the slobs, Gota love the Humor Tho !! Yes! Be yourself ~ lol! Can’t wait for the next Episodes ~~ Good luck !!

  3. Hey, that’s a pretty good show you guys have there. Not too sure about the reporter guy but the snob and slob are entertaining. Looking forward to the next show. Hey, check out Tommy Knocker beer sometime.

  4. Another great Episode!! Glad your letting Dan in on some of the fun..Dan’s pretty quiet tho,you might have to open him up for the next time…lol~all in fun. Oh!Dan you were great for the first time ….Just Be careful hanging around these Beer Guys…. Enjoyed lol

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