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BeerGuysTV "BrewCasts" and articles bring a fun and unique perspective to craft and mainstream beer for beer lovers, brewers, and regular folks.

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While we mainly focus on BrewCasting (podcasting) with interviews and reviews of craft beer, we write interesting articles and reviews as well. Plus, we will throw in a video every now and then just to keep things interesting...much like craft breweries!


In our podcasts, er, brewcasts, we mainly review different beers and offer our take on them. Sometimes we love them, sometimes we don't, but we don't pull any punches. You may or may not agree, so we encourage you to try for yourself. Check out our podcast shows here.

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These articles include writings on events we've attended, beers we've tried, interviews, videos, and more. Check them out here.


Here you can peruse though and see some of the beers we've tried. We include a quick-reference to the ABV, IBUs, links to the brewery and more!

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Most Recent Posts

Here are the most recent posts we've uploaded. Enjoy!

BGTV BrewCast-Jack Pine Brewing Hornets Nest

In this podcast we check out a Wheat offering from Jack Pine Brewing out of Baxter, MN. This one is called Hornets Nest Honey Lemon Wheat. Find out if liked this brew or if we got stung on this BeerGuysTV BrewCast.  

BeerGuysTV BrewCast-Lake Monster Brewing Empty Rowboat IPA

As we drift through this BrewCast, the Beer Guys and Gal check out an IPA by Lake Monster Brewing. We paddle around tasting this brew but do we find this rowboat empty or full (of flavor)? Check out this BeerGuysTV BrewCast of Empty Rowboat IPA by Lake Monster Brewing.

BeerGuysTV BrewCast-Eddyline Raspberry Wheat

In this BrewCast, we check out Raspberry Wheat from Eddyline Brewing out of Buena Vista, Colorado. What do we think of this special edition brew from Eddyline? Watch or listen to this BrewCast from BeerGuysTV.

BeerGuysTV BrewCast-Bad Habit Brewing Second Helping IPA

This week we feed our bad habit with Second Helping from Bad Habit Brewing out of Saint Joseph, Minnesota. Second Helping is a hazy 2X dry hopped IPA with juicy flavors. Bad Habit is a small-town brewery with big flavors. What do we think of their Second Helping? Listen or watch and you'll find out on this episode of the BeerGuysTV BrewCast! Check out Bad Habit Brewing Company here: http://www.badhabitbeer.com/

BeerGuysTV Cool Beer Tools-Beer Caramelizer by 1571F.com

Have you ever been to a Bockfest and had your beer poked? It’s ok, we won’t judge. Well, now you can poke your own at home with the Beer Caramelizer from 1571F.com. Yes, it’s true. Many have had their beer caramelized at a Bockfest. It’s where you stand around a nice hot fire with a freshly poured Bock style beer and you poke it with a hot fire poker. You...