Lambic Beer

Pecheresse Lambic

Pecheresse (Peach Beer)
Brewer: Lindemans
Origin: Vlezenbeek (near Brussels), Belgium

Reviewed by: Shane Zeppelin

This is a Lambic brew that my father-in-law brought back from his recent trip to Germany and Belgium. The label on the bottle catches your eye and then you try to read it, which is nearly impossible for me, so I just look at the pictures. It’s a fruity beer, unlike the fruit beers brewed in the US. They use 30% peach juice to brew this sweet beer. The aroma of peaches fills the nostrils as the sparkling sweetness touches your tongue. It has a hint of beer flavor in the background, but tastes more like champagne without the sharp aftertaste. This beer would go well with a desert, and actually I had it with a piece of rhubarb cake. Brewed by the Lindemans Brewery in Vlezenbeek, Belgium, which started brewing beer in 1809, Pecheresse beer was first brewed in 1987. It’s something you don’t often get to try, but it’s a beer from “Around the World”. I like it, but I’m not into fruity sweet beers that much. Still, it’s worth a try as you travel to Belgium and has a terrific peach flavor (and I do like peaches).

Rating: 3 Steins

– Shane Zeppelin (BGTV Producer)