Pilsner Urquel
Pilsner Urquel


Backyard Campfire Beer Night. (Never a bad idea) When a chance to accept an invitation from our dear friends (Craig and LeeAnn Juhnke) comes around, it’s also a chance for me to use Craig as the proverbial guinea pig for the occasional beer. On a recent saturday evening I got him to try one of my favorite beers, Pilsner Urquel.  As I have expounded in the past, this particular beer lays claim to being the original pilsner. Originating from Pilsen, Bohemia (Czech Republic) its also brewed in Poland and in Russia.  The fun of getting a primarily american beer drinking person to try this, is the reaction you get when they can actually taste the great flavor a good beer shouldhave. The reaction from Craig was “Wow!, this stuff tastes great, clean and crisp without an aftertaste.” That my friends, is how a real pilsner should be described. (By the way they are also generally very light in color, with a white, thick foam head.)  So, get out there and take a chance folks, try something special. Get out of the habit of just grabbing that “Lockstep Lager” you usually pick up. “Beers To Ya”  The Snob

Rating:4 Steins


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