Pollenator Pale Ale
Longtrail Pollenator

Brewer: Longtrail Brewing

Origin: Bridgewater Corners, VT

I was recently on a trip out east, Buffalo NY to be exact and decided to walk down to a local pub just a few blocks from my hotel. While the name of the bar escapes me, I do remember they had a large variety of beers on tap. So, I inquired about several and decided to order some lunch as well. While trying to decide between fries or tatert tots, one of the other patrons suggested the tater tots so I went with it. I noticed  one of the young gentlemen (Shaun I believe his name was) at the bar was wearing a jacket with a Longtrail Brewing logo on it. I decided to ask a couple of questions about Longtrail and he mention that their spring seaonal was out and was a nice light beer and it may be good with lunch. Well, my sandwich and tater tots arrived and to my surprise, so did a cold pint of Longtrail Pollenator courtesy of the brewery rep I had just chatted with. True to his description, it was a nice, light pale lager at 4.6% ABV that went down quite smoothly and had a nice little hop zing at the end. Not too much, not overdone… pleasant. This beer was indeed a good one to have with lunch or a snack and won’t fill you up or put you over the top like some of the heavier beers etc. It was a tasty discovery and made my lunch taste even better. I returned to that same location for supper on another night and had another Pollenator, it went well with that too! So, if you would like to try a light, crisp beer with just the right hopiness with lunch or any other time, I suggest you try a Pollenator by Longtrail! I will definitely have another if I am in a market that offers it.

Rating: Large Stein

Rater: Beer Slob

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