Picked up a bomber bottle of this beer on a recent road trip. The name and label caught my eye right away, being the race fan that I am so naturally a brew named Speedway Imperial Coffee Stout with crossed checkered flags on the label captured my attention. I like the checkered flag look, implying that this beer is a winner! 😉 So, I brought it home and waited until I found a good time to enjoy this Imperial Stout. It comes in at a strong 12% ABV and 70 IBU’s so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wanted to make sure I wasn’t driving anywhere or doing anything with sharp objects!

AleSmith_Speedway_Stout2Well, it has a foil wrap so I uncovered the cap, popped that off and poured it into a tulip glass… very black and kind of thick but had a nice off-white head. The beer had a nice aroma to it, could pick up on the coffee smell a bit along with some malt. This beer is brewed in San Diego and they use coffee from a local coffee company, which is always nice. The first sip was surprisingly smooth. I expected that 12% to really kind of hit me but I hardly noticed it at all, which is kind of scary in a way! The mouthfeel was kind of creamy and full… left a little coying once swallowed but not in a bad way. I picked up some dark fruit flavors along with some coffee, of course, the chocolate was actually pretty light… a little bit of raisin and blackstrap molasses flavor. Perhaps a subtle smokiness to it but very light. A very smooth and tasty brew that is full bodied but not over the top with some of the usual flavors.

I really enjoyed this beer and would like another lap around the speedway! It really didn’t seem like a big beer but I must admit, I couldn’t drink much more than a pint or so without getting a little wobbly and spinning out in turn two! lol, I would give this brew the checkered flag as a winner. AleSmith Brewing in San Diego has several award-winning beers and I now look forward to trying another. I certainly will pick up more of the Speedway Stout, it says on the label that it ages very well so I could put a few of these in the basement and save them for special occasions etc. Or… 😉

Brewery: AleSmith Brewing Co

Location: San Diego, CA

Beer: Speedway Imperial Coffee Stout

Rater: Greg

Rating: Buy-it!