I was recently traveling in the Southwest United States and stopped at a small Mexican restaurant in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. I ordered up a meal and asked what they had for local brews. They mentioned that they offer a couple beers from Sierra Blanca Brewing in Moriarty, NM (just outside of Albuquerque). I took a look and I figured I had to try the Alien Amber Ale being I was this close to Roswell and all. So, the waitress brought me a bottle along with a nice frosty glass. I poured it down the pipe to open it up a little and it poured a nice, thick head… much like that of an alien, perhaps a beer alien! Well, this ale smells a tick sweet and malty. Has a nice coppery hue and fortunately, doesn’t glow in the dark! As I later read on the website, this beer is brewed with eight different types of barley, which helps shape its unique character. Alien glassIt is a very smooth and easy drinking beer and one I would encourage some of those who are ‘Alien’ to craft beer to try, as it would make a good transitional beer. To the hardcore craft beer drinker, it may seem a bit light and perhaps a bit watery to some degree but I liked it. Once I finished this tasty ale, I started to turn my tacos and rice into a sculpture, resembling a famous place… The staff was about to take me to their leader but, before they threw me out I told them I was one of the Beer Guys and then all was well (as in Roswell hehee)… Anyway, this beer comes in at 5.2% ABV and a very mild 15 IBUs so it won’t offend anyone. If you have to chance to land one of these, I encourage you to do so. Don’t worry, they are quite friendly! I give this beer a good rating for its easy drinkability and smoothness. It is somewhat complex but comes across very simple. I like it!

Beer: Alien Amber Ale
Brewery: Rio Grande $ Sierra Blanca Brewing Company
Location: Moriarty, NM
Rater: Greg
Rating: 4 Steins