Well, it is summertime and that means it is time for tasty pale ale’s and IPA’s (among a few other tasty beers). So, while beer shopping recently, I saw this beer offering from Humboldt Brewing Company out of Paso Robles, CA… I decided to add it to my variety six-pack and give it a review on the old Red Nectar Amber Ale Beer Guys site. This is actually an American Amber Ale and had a bit of a floral note or two to it as I poured it into my glass. This ale poured amber/reddish with an off-white head. Some floral notes on the smell along with a bit of like wet grain or malt…little bit of spice as well. The taste, well, it has a little sharpness to it as you would expect in an amber so I would say, mildly bitter. It comes in at 35 IBU’s and 5.4% ABV. I picked up a touch of caramel and some of that spice and the floral hop. I kind of liked the mouthfeel, pretty smooth and with the carbonation, it left the tongue clean. Fairly easy drinking beer and could be somewhat of a session beer with the lower ABV. Overall, this beer wasn’t exactly what I expected (not that that is a bad thing). The folks in California do things a bit different and that’s OK. I would say this is a decent beer and a good refreshing one on a warm and muggy Minnesota summer’s day. Give it a try if you get a chance, this beer is not just for the birds! (Hummingbird on the label 😉 )


Beer: Red Nectar All Natural Ale

Brewer: Humboldt Brewing Company

Location: Paso Robles, CA

Rating: 3 Steins

Rater: Greg