Was at the grocery store a week or two ago and being it was a little on the chilly side, I thought I would pick up something good to eat and perhaps a nice porter or stout to enjoy later. Well, being I am in Arizona at the time, I wanted to get a beer from a local (or somewhat local) brewery. So, as I perused the beer aisle, I noticed several lagers and ales from some west coast breweries and one, in particular, stood out. It was a bomber from Sleepy Dog Brewery out of Tempe, AZ. It is called Wet Snout Milk Stout… gotta love that name! So, I picked up a bottle and headed home. I kept it in the fridge for a week or so and on another chilly night, decided to warm my palate with this stout.

I poured the ale into a standard beer glass (I didn’t have a choice) and it poured a nice black licorice color with a nice khaki head. The head dissipated fairly quickly but left some lacing on the glass. You get some chocolate aroma right off the bat along with a bit of bread and malt and maybe even a bit of dark fruit smell.

Milk stoutNow for the best part… the taste! Well, tastes much like it smells, the cocoa comes through and the lactose adds a bit of smooth sweetness to it and actually a slight hop bitterness upfront for balance. The mouthfeel is pretty smooth. Not as big and thick bodied as other stouts and porters I have tried. Goes down tasty and a nice dry crispness to finish off with.

Overall, this was a nice surprise and a good beer. Not quite up there in the ranks of some of the big boys but a good offering from the Arizona brewer.

Brewery: Sleepy Dog

Location: Tempe, AZ

Beer: Wet Snout Milk Stout

Rating: Strong 3 Steins

Rater: Greg