It was a cold winter’s night here in Minnesota, I was looking for something to quench my thirst and warm my inards. As I looked through my refrigerator’s offerings, hoping to find a beer that would do both of those things, I spied a bottle of Dragon’s Milk from New Holland Brewing. I have been waiting for just the right time to consume this ale and tonight was the night. I sat the bottle on the table and grabbed my favorite beer glass. I cracked the beer and poured it down the pipe, letting this interesting ale open up and breath. I let it sit for just a little while to warm a few degrees. A fairly dark ale with a tan head. I could smell the vanilla notes right away as well as the oakiness from the barrel aging. Kind of a bourbany smell if you will. This beer comes in at 10% ABV so it is a sipper. The oak and alcohol hit you right away, along with malt and a hint of chocolate. It seems to finish with the oak barrel taste and a bit boozy for me. This isn’t my favorite type of imperial stout, but it is fairly complex and some will really like it. Not at the top of my list but if you like big beers and stouts in particular, give it a try. Next time you are hanging out in a cold dungeon, unleash the dragon… just be careful and don’t get burned 😉

Beer: Dragon’s Milk
Brewer: New Holland Brewing
Location: Holland, MI
Rater: Greg
Rating: 2 Steins