I was recently in Houston for an event at the House of Blues and decided to have a beer, I asked the bartender if they had anything local and he suggested a Saint Arnold Amber Ale, a beer made in Houston at the oldest brewery in Texas. So I ordered one up and I have to say, it was a very tasty choice. This award winning Amber Ale pours a nice light amber color with some decent head. Not a great deal of lacing but it looks good. The aroma of malts and sweetness come off this ale with a little hop and maybe a little bit of a breadishness (is that a word?! lol). The taste was very similar to the smell, got some maltiness and caramel sweetness with a little bite of the hops for balance and crispness, along with just a tad of fruitiness. This Amber Ale was pretty solid and a beer that I would have again. I am pleased that the bartender suggested this local brew. I did have another Saint Arnolds Amber Ale before the night was through (OK, maybe two!). If you have the opportunity, check out this and other Saint Arnolds Brewery offerings.

Brewery: Saint Arnolds
Location: Houston TX
Beer: Amber Ale
Rater: Greg
Rating: 3 Steins

Beer from Saint Arnolds

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