I recently visited a newer movie theatre in St Louis Park MN. While I had heard it was a nice place to see a movie, I didn’t realize that it featured a bar and restaurant. You don’t see that everyday! There is a VIP section where you can bring in your food and drink and watch the movie in a very comfortable leather chair. I didn’t take in the VIP seating but my date and I did go to the lounge and order a drink and some food. A very hip ambiance and interesting menu awaited us. She ordered a glass of wine and I of course perused the beer menu. There was a nice variety of the usual as well as some local and craft brews. I noticed they had the large bottle of Matilda from Goose Island Brewing so I thought I would check one out. After all, how often can you do a beer review from a movie theatre!

Well, it does indeed come in a very large bottle. The only problem with that is we didn’t have a lot of time before the movie started so I had to rush a bit in order to savor my $17 bottle of beer. The downside of that is halfway through the movie, I had to use the little boys room and it also made me a little sleepy! Either that or I’m just getting old! lol

Anyway, the beer itself pours kind of an orangish, slightly cloudy but not real dark. It had some decent head but it didn’t stick around real long. The smell was interesting, it came off a bit fruity with a bit of alcohol smell. Maybe a bit earthy? It was different and I had my date give it a smell and she couldn’t really pin down the aroma either. So, it is definitely a unique beer. Now, the taste, another interesting adventure. Matilda kinda hits you with that alcohol taste right up front. Not over the top and it doesn’t turn you off, but it is there along with some of that fruitiness and earthiness. At 7% ABV it is strong but not crazy. You pick up some spiciness and a little bit of malt, along with some of that belgian yeast. It has a pretty easy mouthfeel, not as creamy as I expected it to be. It’s a beer that paired up pretty well with our chicken sliders.

Overall, it was a pretty good beer. I wish I would have had a little more time to really enjoy it. But, it is a good ale offering from Goose Island and I would suggest giving it a try, at a movie theatre or elsewhere. Matilda won’t ruin your date either, maybe the movie, but the date will be just fine!

Belgian Pale AleBeer: Matilda Belgian Style Pale Ale

Brewer: Goose Island Brewing, Chicago IL

Rating: 3 Steins

Rater: Greg