I was recently at a meeting in North Carolina, after the meeting, a bunch of us decided to go out for dinner. At the Tavern, I ordered up a beer, so I asked about the Sweetwater420 on tap. The bartender didn’t know much about the beer but said they sell a fair amount of it and I had also heard of it from one of our fans (Wayne) who mentioned it on our FB page. It didn’t have a great deal of head but it stuck around. Had a bit of lacing and a nice golden, organgish hue. The aroma was a pleasant crisp floral hop. Being this is an extra pale ale, there is a nice hoppy taste but not overly bitter and a slight sweetness at the finish. This was a very tasty beer and I would certainly have it again. It may not be hoppy enough for the true hopheads but for me, it was just right. I think this Atlanta based brewery has a winner with this one. I am now anxious to try more beer offerings from the sweetwater brewing company.

Brewery: Sweetwater
Location: Atlanta, GA
Beer: Sweetwater420
Rater: Greg
Rating: 4 Steins

Sweetwater Pale Ale