There’s something about oatmeal stouts that I tend to gravitate toward, but until I had the Samuel Smith version, I couldn’t quite figure it out. There are a lot of good oatmeal stouts and some not-so-good ones, brewed in the US. But this one comes from the British Isles and is quite possibly the best I’ve had so far.

Now granted, I haven’t had a lot of them, but I do like oatmeal stouts. When I know I’m only going to have one beer and that beer will be more filling, I go for the oatmeal. Samuel Smith is thick and rich and pours a head that is likewise in dark chocolate foam. The beer itself has notes of coffee (although it isn’t made with coffee), and hints of extra dark, silky smooth chocolate. Carbonation is light as well, adding to the creamy texture. The aftertaste hints of black licorice, giving this brew something of an unsweetened root beer essence.  And that’s why I think I like this beer. I like the tiny hints of sweetness, the full-bodied foam, the dark-coffee flavor and the buttery-smooth feel on the palette.

Samuel Smith’s Celebrated Oatmeal Stout is a bit more expensive and comes in 4-packs, but well worth it. Be forewarned, however, it will fill you up, so eat light ahead of it.




Beer: Celebrated Oatmeal Stout

By: The Old Brewery (Tadcaster) Samuel Smith, Yorkshire, England

BGTV Rating: 5 Steins

Where purchased: Darwin Municipal Liquor Store

Reviewer: Shane Zeppelin (bgtv producer)

2 thoughts on “Random Brew Review: Samuel Smith Celebrated Oatmeal Stout

  1. If you like Oatmeal Stouts you should try Nevermore from Rush River if you have not had it yet. This is the second year for this small batch release and as with most Rush River beers it is excellent.

  2. Hi Michael. Yes, I’ve had Rush River’s Nevermore and I like that as well. We will have it on the show.

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