Shiner Beer

Shiner Bock

Brewer: Spoetzl Brewery

Origin: Shiner, TX

While on business in Tulsa, OK recently I strolled over to the local bistro for supper. While there I decided to order up a Shiner Bock which they had on tap. It came in a tall glass with a darker, amber beer in it. Right away one might assume a stronger flavored brew. It had a tan head that dissipated fairly quickly. As I tipped the glass and took a sip, I was surprised at how smooth it was. It didn’t have that stronger, traditional bock taste. I’m sure the Snob would say it is a bit ‘watery’, but I found that acceptable and made an easy drinking beer for me. The beer has a little malt flavor along with a tinge of sweetness to it. I thought it went fairly well with my meal as I had a pasta dish and hearty salad. To me this would be a good transitional beer if you are trying to get someone to try darker beers. Not too heavy or strong aftertaste. It was good enough to order another!

Rating: Large Stein


Beer Slob