Shiner Beer
Shiner Bock

Brewer: Spoetzl Brewery

Origin: Shiner, TX

While on business in Tulsa, OK recently I strolled over to the local bistro for supper. While there I decided to order up a Shiner Bock which they had on tap. It came in a tall glass with a darker, amber beer in it. Right away one might assume a stronger flavored brew. It had a tan head that dissipated fairly quickly. As I tipped the glass and took a sip, I was surprised at how smooth it was. It didn’t have that stronger, traditional bock taste. I’m sure the Snob would say it is a bit ‘watery’, but I found that acceptable and made an easy drinking beer for me. The beer has a little malt flavor along with a tinge of sweetness to it. I thought it went fairly well with my meal as I had a pasta dish and hearty salad. To me this would be a good transitional beer if you are trying to get someone to try darker beers. Not too heavy or strong aftertaste. It was good enough to order another!

Rating: Large Stein


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2 thoughts on “Shiner Bock

  1. Backroad Brewing has a Scottish slew that is out of this world. No after taste at all. So smooth. Perry St in La Porte Indiana.

  2. We have had some Backroad Brewing products on the show before, good stuff. Looking forward to trying this Scottish ale or ‘slew’ as you call it. Thanks!

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