According to a recent story in the Sacrament CA Bee, the folks at Sierra Nevada Brewing in Chico CA are expanding their operation to the east coast. From one side of the country to the other is a big move but a very smart one for the craft brewer. They have chosen an area just south of Asheville NC near the French Broad River (gotta love the name of that river huh?). It’s a beautiful area that is rich with craft beer enthusiasts and the brewing facility will employ roughly 90 people with more added as it grows. What’s neat is there will be an attached restaurant where they will feature interesting menu choices along with their fresh, tasty beers. This move will certainly help Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. gain market share in a prime area and I’m sure there may well be some tax advantages to go along with the geographical advantage. This is a great move for a great brewery and shows the strength of the craft beer industry and it’s hallmark brewers. H-m-m-m, this story made me thirsty for a S N Pale Ale! (click here for the story) Sierra Nevada Beer