Can of Stroh's
Stroh’s Beer

Stroh Brewery, Milwaukee WI (owned by Pabst Brewing)

Well, I (Beer Slob) got a chance to have a cold Stroh’s ‘fire brewed’ beer the other day. I thought, ‘Man, I haven’t had a Stroh’s in a long time, this oughta be good!’ well… maybe not. While it wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t much like I remembered it back in the 70’s and early 80’s. Seemed like then, it was great and generally tasted like another! Not so much now. Could be my tastes have changed but I found this to be kinda heavy and it had a bit of a pungent taste that got old kinda quick. I would still drink one if I was thirsty and it was offerered, but I wouldn’t buy a case to keep in the fridge. The brewery struggled after their hayday in the later 70’s and 80’s. They eventually sold out to Pabst (who was recently purchased as well). So, while it was kinda nostalgic having a strohs beer… it wasn’t a very satisfying experience. So long great memories…

Rating:1.5 Steins

-Beer Slob