Well, we Beer Guys would like to say thanks to everyone who has sent us the great feedback on the new show format as well as the blog and twitter page etc. We appreciate it and are going to continue to tweak and refine the show. We have gotten a couple of constructive ideas as well and we thank you for that. Be sure to tell your friends about the site and the show, and make sure they fill out the opt in box above so they can keep up to date with BGTV. We have lots of neat things planned and we welcome your suggestions and ideas for beers and topics etc. Make sure you become a fan on Facebook and share it with your group. We would reallly like to get a large following so we can all celebrate and have fun. We are filming our first on location episode at Thirsty’s Tavern in Dassel MN, that should be a lot of fun. Big thanks to Shane Zeppelin and Jerry Cook for the show production and ideas as well as everyone else who has contributed. If you find a beer out there and would like to tell everyone about it (yes, you can be a pseudo beer guy), you can post it in the comments just like T-Bone did. It will be like an army of Beer Guys (and Girls!). Also, feel freel to send us any beer that you would like us to sample and rate on the show, we can be bribed! LOL Just email us for click the Contact Us tab above for mailing instructions. Again, thanks for being a part of the new Beer Guys and until next time… Beers to ya!!

The Beer Guys

4 thoughts on “Thanks for the Feedback!

  1. Hey ‘2 lap Slob’,How about giving Senior Salas a chance to get a word in…take a deep breath and Unveil that hidden talent!!!I say make him a regular guest or host as he seems like a more normal person

  2. Hey Torch, who asked you?! LOL Maybe we should get you on the show!

  3. When the ‘Beer Babes’ come knockin,Da Torch will come a rockin

  4. Hey Ya’ll!! Haven’t been on the road lately, but I have tried a new beer!?!?!? You may have already tried it…. Bud-Wheat Light!!! It had a wheaty taste to it…(come on, its funny) good color little darker than any lite beer nice strong first taste….. it reminded me of a local NC brew called Carolina Blonde .. not bad I give it 2-1/2 steins…. Enjoy a beer with a friend!!!!

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