While passing through Colorado recently I stopped to spend the night in Castle Rock. I took exit 184 off of I-25 and stayed at the Best Western. After checking in I spied the Rockyard American Grill and Brewing company across the way, so I decided to walk over and have lunch and check the place out. While enjoying a very tasty lunch, I got the chance to chat with Jim Stinson, one of the brewers. I mentioned that I was from Beer Guys TV and he invited me to come back and take a look around the brewery. Of course I took him up on it and had a nice experience meeting Kjell Wygant who has a real passion for brewing and trying new brew combinations. Both Kjell and Jim were fun to chat with and invited me to come back the next day and visit their humble bottling area as they were going to do a small run. At this point I strolled back to my hotel, very satisfied with my meal and tasty beer selections.

The next day I took the guys up on their invite and walked over to watch their bottling process, I got a chance to visit a little more with Jim and Kjell and also met one of the owners, Jeff. Their main focus is to brew ‘Drinkable Beers’ and not just any old concoctions. Each craft beer name and label have a little story to them and are quite tasty (the beer that is! lol). Being the Beer Slob, I really enjoyed the Double Eagle and even their Light Beer called Lynx Light Lager. The Rockyard Brewing Company is a small independent, family owned brewery that started in 1999 and does self distribution throughout the county. They brew 7 – 8 beers at any given time and are always experimenting with new ideas. They keep ‘Tater’ (the boss’ son) busy doing odd jobs around the brewery/restaurant and several of the other people that work in the restaurant also help with the brewery duties (Lance, one of the chefs also was helping bottle while I was there).

There are some photos from my stop and tour at Rockyard in the Photo Gallery, be sure to check ’em out. Thanks to everyone at the Rockyard for the hospitality and if you are passing through, be sure to stop in for some good food and very tasty beverages. You can also learn more about them on their website at http://www.rockyard.com  Until then… beers to ya!  -Beer Slob

Rockyard American Grill and Brewing
Rockyard Brewery in Castle Rock CO