Victory Pilsner
Victory Pils

Victory Brewing – Pennsylvania

Beer at Burger Jones.

On a recent sunday afternoon, my lovely bride (Boss of the Beer Snob), and I met another couple At Burger Jones Restaurant located near the Calhoun Beach Club in Mpls Mn. (The infamous Chad and Ashley Olson.) Now, not only does this place have a great burger, great menu, and fantastic atmosphere, it also has twenty beers on tap. If you want a spot to try and see what beer and food combination you like, this may be your answer. I decided to try a burger with Bleu Cheese and sweet potato fries accompanied by a very nice pilsner from Victory Brewing in Pennsylvania. The Victory was clean and crisp as all good pilsners should be, with a nice bite but no aftertaste. The combination of Bleu cheese, beef, and beer, was outstanding! (The beer stands on it’s own as well-very tasty.) It has an ABV of 5.3%, again , pretty typical of pilsners in general. I recommend this beer, try it the next time you get a chance.

4 – Steins from the Snob.  Beers to ya!