We recently made a trip out to Squeaky’s Grill and Bar in Hutchinson MN and got a chance to sample the latest offering from the Schell’s Brewery. It’ s called Nordeast and has been wildly popular. It is darker in color,  but very smooth and seems to be a local favorite. We mention that it is a remake of an earlier recipe but we have been informed that it is actually a new recipe (thanks to our friends at Schells for updating the Beer Guys). Here is the episode from Squeaky’s and we want to thank Gail and the whole staff and clientele for having us and we encourage you to stop by and check it out for yourself!

5 thoughts on “VIDEO – We Take a Taste of Nordeast

  1. Super Dew~pper job there Guys~, Enjoy all of new stuff going and Love the changes! Was good before, but it keeps getting better & better, great ideas, keep them up! You’s are well on your way! Not sure where?? Lol So~~Is that what the inside of a mens restroom looks like?? Thanks, was wondering~Lol!

  2. Another good one guys. Is it true that “Big Cheese” is a friend of Professor Pilsner? Seems I have heard that name before. Always fun to see your latest show. Keep up the good work. Love you guys.

  3. Hey Ya’ll … I like the changes.-I’m sure glad Budd Miller did not shake any hands!!!!

  4. Hey yall! Just saw the last two shows. I liked the silent picture show! Who would of thought– the one where ya’ll didnt talk was one of the best. -LOL ….30day inventory turn around, good job Locher Bros.—keep moving that Coors Light!!!!

  5. Hey ya’ll! just wanted to let you in on my latest stop…. the”RRR Roadhouse… saloon” in Clarion, PA — the bar staff was very bad, seemed they where more interested in their local friends than us high paying travelers.. would not recommend stopping there.—But while I was in the area, the local hotel bar took real good care of us with a local brewed beer called IC Light, brewed at Iron City Brewing Co. in Pittsburgh, PA -they have been in business since 1861… Yep thats right 1861! This is a very good tasting beer. We had a little taste test and 3 out of 3 beer drinkers agreed this is a surprising great tasting beer! 4 steins!!!!! -The Bone

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